Iridium GO Satellite phone and data, 18mths Warranty Demo


Estimated Delivery between June 20 and June 23.

Iridium satellite phones.
When you buy a new Iridium GO the price includes:
12 months full warranty, fast and free delivery plus our 24/7 support for the life of the phone.
There are no extra fees, nothing more to pay outside the call plan.
See the call plan details to organise the SIM connection
which we will help you get connected.
This Iridium Go has been used, it is in excellent condition and we are offering 18 months warranty. If you are not satisfied when you receive the device, send it straight back.

What's in the box:
  • Iridium GO! Device (ex Hire with full 18-month Warranty)
  • Battery
  • Universal AC Travel Charger
  • USB Charging/Data Cable
  • DC Adapter (Car Charger)
  • Protective Cover
  • User Manual

Use your smartphone anywhere in the world!*

The Iridium GO offers 100% global coverage for smartphones to make and receive calls, send and receive instant messages, send & receive email, access the Internet, send files, track a GPS location, and many many more features.
Iriduim says it is like having your own mobile tower with you anywhere you go.

Ok, so that is what the Iridium marketing department says - but clearly, they have not used it or many other Satphones before. We do like the GO, but it only does most of the above, and you need to be patient.

The Go is a stand-alone satellite phone with its own SIM and number. The Iridium GO has no Mic or Earpiece. It does not use your mobile number. You access the GO via WiFi and an app on your smartphone. If you damage your mobile the GO is next to useless.

Calls and SMS: Great
Email: work well as simple text only, and only thru Iridium's dedicated email server address which can only be accessed via the GO. If your vessel is at the dock, you can only read the emails via the GO, not GSM or the local WiFi. Talk to us to discuss the workaround to this situation.
Access the internet: Technically yes, but not as you know it. The speed is dog slow at 2.4kbps (do you remember the old 54kbps Modem)
Send Files: yes, it is effective but keep the files under 150kB
GPS Tracking: is available but each tracking point is charged as an SMS so it will be expensive. Call us for an alternative tracking via satellite option.
2400 bps (2.4kbps) data speed is only suitable for light email applications performed using the Mail & Web app.

The GO is a Wi-Fi hotspot which can connect up to 5 Apple® or Android™ devices. Only one device at a time can be operated within a radius of up to 30 metres. (note for beginners - if you are sharing the GO and you are sending and receiving personal SMS, everyone will see it)
Internet Speeds: are 2.4 to 2.8 kbps uncompressed (24 kbps compressed)
The SOS GPS Global Response: requires online registration with GEOS

Things that Iridium doesn't mention - there is a very effective global weather option within the device that is very easy to use. You can also access all the contacts within your smartphone making life much easier when calling.

Technical Details:

  • Battery Life: 7 hours talk, 16 hours standby.
  • Dimensions: 82 x 120 x 33 mm Weight: 305 grams
  • Durability Specs: Military-grade ruggedness (MIL-STD-810F)
  • Ingress Protection: IP 65 (not if you are charging)
  • Charge via any USB power supply
  • Wi-Fi Range: 30.5 metres.... (on a good day)

Regular Iridium plans may be used with the GO! and these can be found below:

Coverage Map:

If you would like more information about the Iridium sat phones for sale please call us on 0488 011 203 and or visit our EPIRBhire Iridium page.

Standard Iridium Plans: All 12 month contracts. No minimum term if you pay a $50 activation fee. Iridium GO! Plans


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