The best satellite phone for outback Australia and coastal travels.

History: Back to where we were one decade ago.

Since the loss of the the Thuraya Service in Australia, satellite phones are now a lot more expensive. 
Thuraya entered the Australian market in 2013. They offered phones at half the price of existing providers, Inmarsat and Iridium. Pivotel and Optus then offered access to the Thuraya network at a third of the regular providers at $15 per month. We felt this would never be sustainable. It lasted for over 10 years and the service was excellent.
High bandwidth Satellite data services are now a fraction of the price thanks to StarLink , while the handheld voice market is now back to the prices of two decades ago.
Your basic costs in 2024 and the near future are roughly as follows.
Handsets: Iridium just over $2,000 and Inmarsat over $1,600.
Monthly call plans: Iridium is just over $60 and Inmarsat is just over $50.
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We have the right selection of satellite phones for remote travel in Australia, offshore sailing, and ocean voyages. Our collection includes the top choices from the two networks that supply satellite phone reception in Australia. If you are not sure which phone will be the best option for your travels, call us and draw on our 24 years of experience, I promise you will not be disappointed. Are you looking for the best satellite phone for outback Australia? Rest assured, if it's not on our list, you won't need it. The best satellite phone choices for Inmarsat or Iridium are listed below.


Our current Specials are:

Buy the Iridium 9555 for $1,480.
Buy the Inmarsat Isatphone2.1 for $1,380 (sorry - Sold out)


Choose from a variety of options:

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brand-new units sealed in their original packaging from the manufacturer, or
thoughtfully enhanced packages with selected extras.
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