Inmarsat Satellite phones for sale

Inmarsat is our favourite choice now that Thuraya has shut down.

Inmarsat provides Australia-wide coverage and near-global coverage via its network of 3 stationary satellites. All of the Inmarsat satellites are stationary and on the equator giving the "global coverage" except for the poles. If having no reception in the polar regions is an issue then choose Iridium. But if I had a choice of a satellite phone Inmarsat is the best for all over Australia.

Iridium rather than Inmarsat would be my preference if I was travelling and needed a satellite phone with an external antenna. Satellite phones will not work inside a car so the external antenna is needed, the Inmarsat does not have an affordable and adequate solution. The Iridium satellite phones come with an external antenna in the box.

There is just one current model the Isatphone2.1, it does what a basic satellite phone should do; make calls, send and receive text messages, and can send your GPS location and tracking points when required. Australia is well served by the satellite 35,000km above PNG, giving excellent coverage throughout. If you are travelling in Tasmania the satellite is at a height of 45 degrees, in southwest WA it is also at a height of 40 degrees, everywhere else in Australia it just gets better.  The satellite is not moving, so as long as you don't move you can talk all day without dropouts. This is an important advantage over Iridium. For example, if you are in mountainous country most people would feel that the stationary satellite would be hard to find, the fact is at 40 plus degress up in the sky, that is a very big hill and easy to avoid and move to clear ground. The moving satellites of the Iridium will move behind the hill and reception will drop out. The Inmarsat system is ideal for crossings to Lord Howe, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

For the travelers who would like to save a few dollars, and for those who have been caught short with the failure of Thuraya, we have ex-hire stock available with an 18 months full replacement warranty.


Other info you need to know.

The call plan will be: $50 connection fee, which allows you to cancel at anytime. Then $53 per month, includes $10 in free calls, SMS 50cents. Incoming calls are no cost to the handset and a standard mobile call cost for the caller. The $53p.m. call plan can be put on suspend for $10p.m. This link will offer more information on all the call plans available. 
We will help you get connected and organize the SIM connection at no charge to you.

If you would like more information about the Inmarsat Satellite phone for sale, please call us on 0488 011 203 or visit our EPIRBhire Inmarsat page.

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