Inmarsat Pre-Paid Plan Only - SIM Included


Estimated Delivery between June 20 and June 23.

Order your Inmarsat pre-paid SIM card: 

The pre-paid options are limited as to what is worthwhile buying. The credit is based on using it, rolling it over, or losing it. The only worthwhile option is the 100 unit voucher which gives you 66 minutes of talktime to any mobile or landline on the planet and 90 day duration for $220. We can top up remotely or you can buy a voucher with a 12-month shelf life and load it onto your phone when needed.

  1. buy the SIM
  2. then add credit to the SIM anytime you need to use it
  3. The options are small 
  4. 66 minutes 90 day duration is the most popular
  5. if you already have a pre-paid SIM call us at 0488 010 871
  6. We have an efficient top up service for Inmarsat pre paid SIM. Call us with credit card details and we will make it happen.

Express freight orders under $200 will be $10, if your order is over $200 freight is free.