SIM cards for Iridium or Inmarsat

Your best choice for Satellite phone SIM cards.

We like the Pivotel local Australian mobile number SIM cards for Iridium or Inmarsat. The price is great, they are the best option. Your satphone number will be a standard Australian mobile number. This means anyone who calls the satphone will pay standard mobile phone rates. There is no cost to the satphone for incoming calls. You will save money by calling and asking the other party to call you back. 
There is an Inmarsat pre-paid option that was very popular but that is now getting too expensive. There are other options (mostly prepaid) with both providers being sold, but they are either too restrictive, expensive or illegal. See the two links below for the call plan details.

Your best choices for satellite phone call plans are listed here: 
Inmarsat - from $53 per month (can suspend for $10pm)
Iridium - from $65 per month (can suspend for $15pm)
with both plans if you pay $50 connection fee you can then cancel at anytime.
Telstra will offer the Iridium Service call plan for less, but you don't get the local number and service wise it is known to be a challenge to organise.

If you are purchasing a phone from us there is nothing you need to do here: 
The satellite phone comes with a SIM at no charge, we would have sent you an email regarding the appropriate plan. 

Next Steps for activating a SIM for your existing satphone: 
The below choices are for people who already own a handset and need a new SIM.
If you have a SIM please call us as we are able to re-activate some existing SIM if needed.

Next steps:

    1. read the critical information summary link here for Iridium or
    2. read the critical information summary link here for Inmarsat
    3. buy the SIM for $12 plus $10 freight (if your total purchase is under $200)
    4. you will then receive a link via email from us
    5. fill in the details required and return
    6. if you already have a SIM call us at 0415 263 750