Thuraya Satellite has shut down

Updates on the Thuraya Outage: April 19, 2023.
April 19: Thuraya has lost services from the T3 satellite above Sumatra, this happens occasionally and is usually fixed remotely within a few hours and sometimes a day or so.
April 22: In our opinion the current situation does not look good, Thuraya has reported that the situation is more complicated than expected. Unlike Inmarsat, it seems Thuraya does not have a spare satellite that can be more in position to replace the failed satellite.
April 25: There is currently a complete service outage for Thuraya satellite phones and IP data services on the Thuraya APAC Satellite. All services in Australia are affected.......
April 30: A quick word about the current situation with the Thuraya network. The Thuraya-3 satellite above Sumatra appears to have failed...... we will keep you up to date as and when we find out.
May 4th: Thuraya has closed its services in Australia for the foreseeable future. We suggest owners of Thuraya equipment charge the batteries to approx 80% remove the battery and pack up the kit, seal it label it and put it to one side. In our opinion, they may return but it will be at least 18 months.
May 5th: We will be removing all references to the Thuraya product from our webpages both here and
May 7th: The Thuraya service if you are using the Thuraya via Pivotel and you are using the T2 satellite above Somalia, your service will eventually stop. Please organise a direct pre paid SIM with Thuraya directly click here
June 6th: See this link to the Pivotel Iridium and Inmarsat offers.
Note: only available if your service was connected at the time of the failure.

EPIRBhire are offering highly reduced rental rates for all our clients that have purchased Thuraya equipment.
EPIRBhire has plenty of Inmarsat and Iridium satellite phones available to hire or buy to replace the Thuraya handsets that are not working. If you need to stay connected please call 0488 011 203, we operate 24/7 for support (just not too late)

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